Mindy Bruce, Renwick Superintendent, Completes 33 Years


Wyatt Spexarth, Site Editor & Writer

After 33 great years in the Renwick district, Mindy Bruce has announced her retirement. Mindy has successfully led our district as the superintendent for the past 5 years and has been a key role of the district for the other 28 years. 

When asked about what some things are that Mindy is excited for in Renwick’s future, she gave a few examples. “The bond issue, FFA/Ag programs, fine art programs, internships and career exploration, all of our sports programs, 8th grade electives.” Then in true Mindy fashion, she included “I do not feel I am responsible for any of these things but being associated with Renwick and their teachers, students, and families, makes me realize we just do things to another level here.” 

Mindy has always expected the most from everyone in the district, and she says that really has been the driving force for success the past few years. “… the staff, kids and parents all expect it (success) from each other and themselves.” 

One of Mindy’s favorite things has always been to watch the kids do well in their activities. “It is so amazing to see our staff take kids to new levels daily.” Mindy could always be found watching the school plays, band performances, football games, basketball games, ffa competitions, and so much more. She always found time to come out and support the district.

There is a lot about being a superintendent of Renwick that Mindy is going to miss. “Being part of something that is molding our future generations. My relationships with staff, co-workers, students, and parents have been the most amazing things.” Mindy was always ready to bring smiles to kids faces no matter where she was. Ms. Bergkamp, a teacher at Andale High School, is always very appreciative of Mindy’s eagerness to help out. “She was the assistant superintendent when I started in 2016, that was when we kick-started the internship/junior explorer programs. At first people were cautious about starting a new program, not Mindy, she advocated for it. She always knew what was most helpful for the kids and stood up for those things. During COVID, she made sure everything was live streamed and provided all the tools we needed to make things happen.“

When asked for one thing that Mindy would like people to know that they don’t really understand about our district, Mindy explained to me that people do not realize that despite all of the challenges that our district faces fiscally, Renwick continues to excel and do more with less. “It is the mindset of staff, students, community and parents that make Renwick so special. We expect a lot and deliver!” Thank you Mindy!