The Beginning of Renwick Review


Alessio Casa, writer

On January 30th Andale’s Sports & Entertainment Marketing students went to the Maize Career Academy to visit “OneMaizeMedia”. Our students had the opportunity to see the day to day functions of how OneMaizeMedia is producing news, marketing materials, shows, and much more to unite Maize and Maize South. On estimate the FUSION site which is ran through “SNO Sites” receives approximately 45,000 views per month.

From community businesses to sports and entertainment within our district. Not to mention the great things that are going on within our classrooms. It should be our job in Renwick to better market our achievements, success and community involvement.

This is where “Renwick Review” comes into play. This would be an opportunity to allow students to cover news within our district and also allow them to generate and receive some revenue.