Severe Weather & FEMA Shelters in Renwick


Stephen Madorin, Writer & Reporter

My passion in life is learning about and being up close and personal to severe storms to better understand how they work. So far this season I have been on four storm chases with four tornadoes captured this year. Being on the ground and reporting what you see is adequate to the National Weather Service and the warnings they issue to the public. Forecasting tornadoes is no easy task though. The most you are given are models displaying products of wind and temperature through different heights in the atmosphere. These models can be rather subpar in some situations so you have to use your own logically knowledge of how synoptic and mesoscale meteorology works and how to apply it to forecasting convective weather. 

Tornado Season is here and there are many ways to prepare. Having an adequate plan of action can be critical when a tornadic storm may be heading your way. Most of the tornadoes that will strike the central plains will occur from mid April to to early June. The current 2023 tornado season has been very active with Tornado counts being above the average for this time of year. As of May 10th there is expected to be severe weather in the next few days but a week and a half long lull in activity is expected before any potential pick up in severe weather frequency in late May.. 

In our community we have many storm shelters that are open to the public in all six schools. At Andale High School the shelter is located in the Band Room. The band room is located on the northwest side of AHS. At Garden Plain High School the FEMA shelter is located in the new gym on both the north and south ends of the court. At Andale Middle/Elementary shelters are  located in the safe/band room near the lunch room. At Garden Plain Elementary the FEMA shelter is the Music and Band Room. Finally, at St. Mark’s School, the FEMA shelter is the cafeteria. These shelters are open to anyone who needs to access them in a time of severe weather and can be accessed at all times of the year. 

Make sure you stay safe during severe weather and always have at least two ways to receive watches and warnings from your local forecast offices.