Andale Athletics Success

Isaiah Wilson, News & Sports Reporter

If one thing is clear at Andale High School it’s that expectations year after year have not wavered. While many just see the championship trophies AHS athletes hoist after their final wins, it is more than just winning; it’s a culture of success. In the past two years Andale High School has won two football championships, one volleyball championship (first ever in school history), one wrestling championships, two girls track championships & one boys track championship. Not to mention the second place finishes at state for basketball and softball. 

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with athletic director, Steve Stanhope, who has been the AD at AHS for the past six years to find out more about what drives the success behind Andale Athletics. 

One of the many things that Mr. Stanhope enjoys most is seeing kids compete, win or lose. He loves seeing kids work hard at things and have their hard work pay off. He also said the expectations for kids are really high and that’s something that drives the kids to compete.

One thing Mr. Stanhope made clear is that none of this success would be possible without the financial aid of the Andale Booster Club. From the food after ball games to uniforms and equipment, they’ve done it all and we’re extremely grateful for that! The booster club also supported our student fan base by purchasing students state tournament tickets to watch and support their fellow classmates and teammates.

While many see the championship trophies it’s clear that there’s many driving factors to success within the walls of AHS including the staff and coaches, student athletes, parents and community.